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 by: MisS VictoriA DaviD

(Miss Spain, Geri Love is Miss Exilio 2015 with a beautiful bouquet courtesy of Stargazer Floral Designs and a glittery sash by Lina, organiser )
It was a cold night but all were fired up by the audience's energy and the gorgeous faces of contestants vying for the title Miss Exilio 2015.
Miss Exilio is an annual event organised by the management of legendary EXILIO LGBT LATINO located at Guy's Bar, Boland House St. Thomas Street London SE1 9RT. If you would like to know more or intend to visit this LGBT Latin Dance Club kindly click the link below,

On the 05th of December, 6 eager contestants were very prepared to show off their beauty, fierceness, elegance and intelligence on stage. The spotlight shone onto the stage and the peppy audience, especially the admirers, screamed enthusiastically the name(s) of contestant they were supporting. One by one they appeared from nowhere wondrously flaunting their fanciful designs and were escorted by Mr. Exilio for the FANTASY category.

The lights dimmed as the contestants headed back to their dressing room for the penultimate category...

After the intermission number given by Sidney Bueno a.k.a Madonna, with her terrific dancer, finished entertaining the excited audience at Guy's Bar, Boland House, the contestants were called to get ready. Both audience and contestants couldn’t wait as this was when the fit, sexy and toned contestants emerged one at a time. This was called the SWIMWEAR category to which women were half-naked (Lol!) with beautifully accessorised beach hats and handbags sponsored by Michel Michele.

The blazing array of size-zero, sporty, toned and muscular bodies finished and the intermission numbers once again amused the amorous crowd as well as the respective members of the jury. Wait, I think most of them gone to the loo for a minute!! LOL
(Carlos of Naz Latin Project; Venus Brum, Miss Exilio 2014;  Mr. Exilio 2005 and Michele Michele, major sponsor )
The contestants were called once again but they were no longer half-naked. This was the ultimate category in which women corseted their selves to their luxurious fabric long flowing evening gowns for the GALA category. Special thanks to Endimh for sharing exquisite accessories to the 6 lovely contestants.

This was a night to remember as it was when all candidates owned the stage and were all winners for overcoming the nerve wrecking emotions. The confidence they showed was very much appreciated by the fans while under the spotlight.

*Photos courtesy of Exilio LGBT Latin Dance Club (Peter J Brent) Facebook page
*Additional Information courtesy of Exilio LGBT Latin Dance Club Facebook page 

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