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by: MisS VictoriA DaviD

(Miss Wawa Mismosil and photo courtesy of Joel Ryder Photography Facebook Page)
Sawadee ka and welcome to Thailand... What I mean is, welcome to Mango Tree Restaurant located at 46 Grosvenor Place, Belgrave, SW1X 7EQ.

There are growing numbers of spacious hotels and restaurants in London and across the U.K. functioning as gathering places. Such as, an art exhibition which enables gifted artists to sell their masterpieces to eccentric collectors; a couture catwalk fashion show for young and professional designers letting them flaunt their creations to the elites or a pageantry venue for beautiful women and handsome men, willing to display their charisma  on stage.

(Photos courtesy of Mango Tree Restaurant Facebook Page)

On the 27th of September 2015, Mango Tree Restaurant held their annual pageantry with the evening's theme being, MASQUERADE!

(Magic FM’s Angie Greeves and photo courtesy of Joel Ryder Photography Facebook Page)
It was hosted by Magic FM’s Angie Greeves who orchestrated proceedings throughout the night. Such as the sanguine and sexy ladyboys on stage and also entertained the crowd in her creative peacock ensemble. Aside from the colorful hostess, a panel of VIP and celebrity judges impartially awarded scores in each category.
(The jury and photo courtesy of Joel Ryder Photography Facebook Page)
There were 12 lovely candidates that night and of course only one brought home the coveted title, MISS LADYBOY MASQUERADE 2015, and two stood as worthy runners-up. Besides the winners, I think there were several dogged challengers too staking their claim for the title.

The night started with the contestants festively wearing elegant masks or character adaptations. This was called the MASQUERADE category, were each interpretation was shown in the design of their fantastic costumes. When I say interpretation and design, I mean that these were all very elaborate, intricate and exquisitely made costumes. See for yourself while holding your breath!
(Photo courtesy of Joel Ryder Photography Facebook Page)
The last contestant left the stage and the energetic hostess introduced the intermission show to keep the crowd  lively while waiting for the beautiful candidates to come back on. Would you agree?

They were soon back with a tune in their head which goes this way, "Hey sexy lady, I like your flow. Your body's bangin', out of control..." Can you now guess what was the next category? I will give you more inklings as this was the opportunity to boast and show-off of flat tummies, sexy booties and elongated limbs. It's the SWIMSUIT category; which everyone anticipated and just loved watching.
(Photos courtesy of Patcharaphol Pongvijit)

The hostess came back on stage and you could still hear the gasped admiration for the sexylicious contestants. That is why, most of their admirers rushed to the bar to replinish their drinks (LOL!).
(Photos courtesy of Patcharaphol Pongvijit)

The spotlight was turned on again and the appearance of glamorous women in their floor-length flowy gowns started. They were introduced one-by-one as you can see, their evening gowns were as attractive as their masquerade costumes. Bright colours, glistening effects, elegantly designed and mouthwatering styles.
(Photo courtesy of Joel Ryder Photography Facebook Page)
The contestants walked on stage one-by-one in their evening gowns. They were then all called to gather and face once again the high spirited crowd as well as the impartial jury. All were understandably nervous but still very composed, as this was the moment when the runners-up were announced and would stand beside the title holder. AND THE TITLE HOLDER WAS...
(2nd runner up; Miss Wawa Mismosil; Miss Alessandra Mae and photo courtesy of Joel Ryder Photography Facebook Page)
We all know for a fact that in every contest we join in life there is only 1 winner; the rest will accept the defeat and value the experience gained. Aside from that, the inevitable gaffes while under the spotlight can be exciting in a funny sort of way and it makes the whole evening more interesting too.

In my own humble opinion, they were all WINNERS as walking in very challenging high-heels for hours isn't effortlessly painless!

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