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This nation’s first trans beauty contest for a good cause was published in the Sunday Mirror newspaper as well as being featured on the mirror online website. What an amazing acknowledgement and a very uplifting feeling for the LGBTQI (Lesbia, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning, and Intersex) community to be appreciated and recognised in the society we now live in. SUCH A LIBERATION!!!

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The contest for MISS TRANSGENDER UNITED 2015 was promoted by Mirror using the steamy photo shoot of the 14 candidates in their sensual one-piece or two-piece swimsuits with lecherous high heels. On the day of the photo shoot, hair and make-up pros, Amanda Clarke and Oona Connor, assisted the candidates with their make-up and hair styles as well as shared impressive D.I.Y. tips too with the transgender people in the make-up room. See for yourself the aphrodisiacs of MISS TRANSGENDER UNITED 2015. I think, most of the 14 candidates spent time in the gym to achieve a voluptuous body.

(Photo courtesy of Miss Transgender UK Company Facebook Page)
On the 27th of September this year, twenty admirable and courageous hopefuls for the title of, MISS TRANSGENDER UNITED 2015, headed to London Borough of Camden. They were confidentially carrying  glam suitcases filled with make-up kits, wigs & hair extensions, swimwear, casual outfits, long evening gowns, high heels and digital cameras. Aside from that, they also invited their loving family, supportive friends and admirers who gave moral support and boosted their self esteem while on stage.
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MISS TRANSGENDER UNITED 2015 was organised by Rachael Bailey especially for Trans people who would love to let their hair down and overcome their fears on a decorated stage at Egg London, 200 York Way, London, N7 9AX. Apart from being the dedicated organiser, Rachel Bailey was very generous too as she made a whopping £20,000 contribution to ensure that this pageant for a good cause happened.
(Photos courtesy of Miss Transgender UK Company Facebook Page)

The stage had been set-up with cameras, speakers, banners and spotlights while the audience waited, sat and relaxed. On the other hand, the contestants were very ready to conquer the stage, with their head high and chin up. Why would they not be? They unveiled their hidden talents as well as showcased design creations as part of the pageantry. Their individual performance was rewarded by the audience round of applause and standing ovations. KUDOS to all of you!
They headed back to the make-up room and got busy with their hairstyles, make-up retouching and choosing of what to wear for the next category. The hostess amused the audience for awhile until it was time for candidates to appear on the stage again. Despite their preparations, most of them had butterflies in their stomach, which made them very close with one another. It's inevitable to be nervous or uptight but because of the positive moral support they received from the audience, the casual wear category went and finished very smoothly.
(Photo courtesy of Miss Transgender UK Company Facebook Page)
The audience loved it so much and the contestants' belief in themselves as a woman was sustained as they had a more positive outlook in life. So, here they come in their attractive gowns, made of the most luxurious fabrics. A vision of colorful and full-length body hugging silhouettes. .
(Photos courtesy of Miss Transgender UK Company Facebook Page)
After their individual emergence on stage, they were all called to gather for the Question and Answer portion. The questions per se were mostly related and relevant to the transition to becoming a woman and how rejuvenating it is to call and love yourself as a woman. They were all winners and won the hearts of the affectionate audience who got impressed with their heartfelt impromptu answers.

The dream title, MISS TRANSGENDER UNITED 2015, which also included a cash prize of £5,000 and  an all-expeses paid surgery in India was bequeathed to Jai Latto of Walkerburn (Scottish borders). Aside from the announcement of the title holder and the runners-up, a special award for MISS TRANSGENDER UNITED 2015 People's Favourite was given to Miss Carmen Confait. Moreover, the title holder will become one of the LGBTQI speakers, on behalf of MISS TRANSGENDER UNITED company, who will then visit hospitals, festivals and will even present the LGBTQI Icon Awards.
(Miss Fay Louise Purdham, Miss Jai Latto, Miss Vanessa Lacsamana and photo courtesy of Miss Transgender UK Company Facebook Page)

I didn't see the show personally, which I regret, the MISS TRANSGENDER UNITED 2015 last September 27. However, to have read a few informative articles before writing my own essay, my respect and admiration to the people behind the event as well as the organiser is very high. Why? It's because they have been encouraging late bloomers to be more at one with themselves as well as supporting charity works.

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*Corrections courtesy of Jossy Yendall and Johannah Buchan

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