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by:  MisS VictoriA DaviD

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Sistahs Forever!

The last time we toured around some parts of Central London was in 2011 but in November 2012 we reassembled in one particular place for a special occasion. The event that brought the 3 of us together again was a Birthday party for our sister Jence at Clapham Junction. It was delightful with a warmth welcomed from her family and was enlivened with laughters and entertainment all through the party.

Tina and I are approximately 1 mile apart from each other's homes but Jence, lives much farther away from us two. On the 13th of January this year, the reunion that was supposed to be in 2012 took place with no more cancellations and excuses. On that day, Tina and I travelled all the way from Wallington to Victoria Terminus Station just to meet our sister Jence. We arrived on time and were expecting Jence to arrive a bit late than the agreed time. However, we waited almost an hour before she finally appeared in front of us with the gifts in her hands.

I was very patient while waiting for Jence inside the station. Its because she informed us by text messages that she'll be late. But Tina was getting quite intolerant when we were standing after 30 minutes while waiting for Jence. Actually, Tina was just hungry and that made her patience and endurance very limited (LOL!).

Hooray and the 3 of us were now together again!

When the time Jence had arrived, we were all dying to eat and drink in a warm restaurant. And on our way out, we were conversing where to go and I suggested, Earl's Court. One of a few districts in London where you can find Filipino Restaurants as well as convenience Stores. But Jence wasn't eager to travel that far and said that there was a Filipino Restaurant at Buckingham Palace Road. Which was only a walking distance from Victoria Station.

I really had no knowledge that there was a Filipino Store nearby. That's why, I said YES to give it a try in order to know what they can offer for us 3, beautiful women. We entered the MANNA SHA'MEYN store and bought a few ingredients as well as delicacies before we finally agreed to eat inside.
 (Top to Bottom: 2011 Picture and 2013 Picture)

After filling ourselves with Filipino food, our escapade started in a slow walk going to the Bus Stop. We boarded and sat comfortably on a double decker bus which took us to London's West End in the city of Westminster centered on Piccadilly Circus.

We arrived and joint the hyper mixed crowd heading to the busy and famous Regent Street...

The first store we entered to, was a Dutch clothing company offering 30 unique fashion brands for men and women called, THE STING. A shop with over 3 floors and I thought they were only selling expensive clothing given the quality of their fabric as well as the trendy and funky designs too. As a matter of fact, Jence ended up purchasing the blouse she tried on as a treat for herself. While she was in the fitting room, Tina and I took a few pictures and we also had the chance to take some of the 3 of us too while facing the huge wall fitted mirror.
 (Left to Right: 2011 Picture @  Ripley's Believe It of Not
and 2013 Picture @ The Sting)

After looking around The Sting we moved to a unique shop with a tinge of eroticism, HOLLISTER/ GILLY HICKS. A store with hot lifeguards and beautiful store models. It makes the hottest push 'em up bras and the cutest undies for young, beautiful and assertive girls. But before we entered the store, a few snapshots were taken against their one-of-a-kind breathtaking video wall that captures live feed from Sydney's Bondi beach. When we finally entered the store, we were greeted and blown away by a charming handsome man whose sporty hood was unzipped and his abs was exposed. Hmmmm! Aside from exploring what's inside their unique store, we had our solo pictures taken beside the hoody guy with their own Polaroid camera and the 3 of us with him too using our camera. We were like teenagers giggling with so much cheerfulness in our minds!

It was like having daydreams at the same time and ceased only when we tried a few sunglasses from ZARA fashion company. In this store, we were mimicking the elegant Jackie O'Nasses who was famous in the world for wearing pairs of dark sunglasses alluringly.

Everybody knows M&M candy store which is famous for its hard candy shells coated with chocolate confectionery. Literally, this retail store has a branch in Leicester Square, London which is not far from Regent Street. That's why, we rushed along the main road of Coventry Street before M&M closed at 6PM, so we could see the colourful and coruscating candy store.

 (Left to Right: 2011 Picture and 2013 Picture)

If I wasn't mistaken, we explored most of the areas and floors of M&M candy store that night. And we were quite tired and thirsty after joining the tourist who were in the store too. That's why, we looked for relaxing place and found one at SOHO SQUARE. Actually, we really had no idea about the pub we entered to but at the end, we found it amiable and friendly. Without a doubt, it was a nice drinking establishment to visit!

I think, once you are in the West End of London, finding a comfortable place to rest your weary feet ain’t that difficult as it has lots to offer. If you are not that finicky like the 3 of us?

Regardless of the fact that our get together to Central London took more than a year before it happened again. Our friendship as SISTERS has become so much closer and we are more open to one another. The time that had passed didn’t matter at all once all 3 of us met this time.

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