Thursday, 24 December 2015


by: MisS VictoriA DaviD

One of the nicest place in the northern part of London is the Camden Town. A place with interesting locations like the canals where you can sit and relax and their famous market named after the town called, Camden Market.

The market was once a number of buildings; stables that were used to house the horses that once toed the barges along the canal. They are now converted to rented units for stores and shops.

I have been there many times and was always fascinated to see how people with different nationalities integrated with one another. If I am not mistaken they have been there for quite a long year; their attitude towards each other seemed to understand each culture and had a cordial atmosphere too.

I went there not to be fascinated but to see what they sell for locals and tourists. They have stalls for all types of garments; stores that feature local and foreign products and delicacies that you can choose amongst their restaurants.

I had taken a few pictures that are now stored in a memory stick. One of the attractions that was placed at the back of their restaurants was the giant black unicorn moulded in cement. There is also an impressive sculpture of a blacksmith, it must have been 20 foot in height. When you enter this section of the market you will be greeted by this working class hero.

In my own opinion, Camden Market is like the Philippines famous Divisoria in Metro Manila. This is a public place/ bazaar that offers cheaply rented space for trade. There are Filipinos and other nationalities who provide and sell garments, jewellers, furnitures, footwear etc. And also around the corner, are affordable fast food places for your peckish delights.

If you are missing Divisoria, you better plan a day to go to this interesting town and don't forget to step on the ground of their market!

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