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Diamonds are forever... forever... forever...

Last Saturday night, Tina and I attended an event held at Great Portland Street in Central London. It was a beauty pageant and 11 gorgeous transwomen participated. They were competing with the hope of winning one of the 7 minor awards as well as vying for the two coveted titles. MISS TG DIAMOND 2011 and MISS TG DIAMOND PLUS! 2011.

Tina and Vicky
The doors to the International Student House opened and the queue started to flow smoothly. Our bags were checked individually by the head of security and after, we handed over our tickets. Then, we headed down to the basement of the building where we found a bar and a door going to the main venue. It was a fabulous dancing arena installed with air conditioners but that night it was used for the said pageant. There were chairs arranged in accordance with the type of our ticket. The stage was equipped with a state of the art sound system and in house lighting too.

Miss Dee Chanelle
We sat and waited for almost an hour. While waiting for the pageant to start, I took a few photos and also, there was plenty of time to freshen-up and retouch our faces. Gradually, the venue filled with guests full of anticipation until the stage flashed with blazing lights and a few seconds after, a woman emerged in her white gown. Miss Dee Chanelle, appeared and boosted the somnolent crowd with her own rendition of songs like the famous, 'Diamonds Are Forever'.

( 11 Gorgeous Contestants )

The pageant started and our eyes were onto the 11 lovely candidates...

One by one they appeared and walked with their distinct Creative Jewel Costumes. They really were very resourceful and talented as they had created their own colourful and spectacular costumes. When I say spectacular, what I mean is contestants like Miss Garnet (Vivienne Robles Lacson) who depicted an Egyptian Pharaoh; Miss Pyrite (Yeveah Altieri) whose headdress reminded me of a Buddha’s prominent crown and Miss Tourmaline (Farrah Night) whose red furry creation almost conquered the stage. After displaying their creations one by one, they appeared on stage all together before the winner was announced. A minute after, the winner of BEST IN CREATIVE JEWEL COSTUME was given to MISS PYRITE (Yeveah Altieri). They walked back into their dressing room to change and for some retouch before they would appear on stage again. There were three intermissions during which we were entertained with song and dance by Geri Love, Alexis Mendoza and Huggy Doll.

( Clockwise from top left: Miss Garnet, Miss Pyrite and Miss Tourmaline )
The candidates were all dressed again and they were called one by one. But this time with their own interpretation of Fantasy Wear. They really were showing-off the naughtiness and sexiness in them. Like Miss Garnet (Vivienne Robles Lacson) who covered her frontal private parts with a big kissable lips and well-defined eyes. Very sexy indeed! Aside from her, MISS TOURMALINE (Farah Night) stole the show with her outer space outfit embellished with white feathers and had built-in dynamic lights too. And because of her impressive creation, she won the BEST IN FANTASY WEAR. A photographer took her portrait picture while the rest headed back to their dressing room.
( Miss Garnet and Miss Tourmaline )

( MISS TG DIAMOND 2011 and

We were given a 15- minute break and after, we were charmed and amused by the hostess. Finally, they appeared and walked glamorously on stage with their intricately designed gowns. It was the Evening Wear part and most of them had body fitting gowns with blast pattern sequins. Their gowns were all elegant but only a few appealed to my taste and caught my full attention. One of them was MISS PYRITE (Yeveah Altieri) who won the BEST IN EVENING WEAR. They were all exquisitely beautiful!

Moreover, there were also 4 more awards given that night. And the most engaging one was the one in which the audience participated; MISS POPULARITY. Groups of people were shouting (almost screaming) to show their strong support for their favourite candidate(s). That is how it was scored and was given to Miss Garnet (Vivienne Robles Lacson). The other 3 awards with their corresponding winners were evaluated unanimously by the jury while on stage are the following:
MISS MAKEOVER- Miss Garnet (Vivienne Robles Lacson)
MISS PHOTOGENIC- Miss Beryl (Victoria Peralta)
MISS CATWALK- Miss Opal (Mika Mae Dela Vega) 
( From left to right: Vivienne Robles Lacson, Victoria Peralta and Mika Mae Dela Vega )
The winners of the 4 awards were announced and then the battle of the brain commenced.
( From left to right, The Jury: Miss Naiza Hunter, Mr Philip de Vera, Miss Chantelle Rouge Hepburn, Mr. Adjudicator, Miss Alekssandra Ceciliato and Miss Vicky Lee )

It is a common practice in pageantry to have the Question and Answer portion. This is when a contestant is judge mainly by the content of his/her answer and also, on their delivery .That's why, the respective members of the jury as well as an adjudicator were there to make sure that queens and runner-ups were deserving and all results were free from any bias!
MISS AQUAMARINE 2011 (4th Runner-up) was
Miss Pearl, Venus Brum
MISS EMERALD 2011 (3rd Runner-up) was 
Miss Opal, Mika Mae De la Vega
MISS SAPPHIRE 2011 (2nd Runner-up) was 
Miss Tourmaline, Farrah Night
MISS RUBY 2011 (1st Runner-up) was 
Miss Topaz, Saskia Cyanide

MISS TG DIAMOND 2011 was Miss Pyrite, Yeveah Altieri
MISS TG DIAMOND PLUS! 2011 was Miss Garnet, Vivienne Robles Lacson

 ( From left to right: Miss Topaz, Miss Opal, Miss Pyrite, Miss Garnet, Miss Tourmaline and Miss Pearl )

This spectacular pageant is held every year. And an enormous amount of work and enthusiasm is put in by the contestants and those behind the scenes. We are all cordially invited to follow this prestigious event on facebook (Miss TG Diamond- The Ultimate Battle of the Beauty Queens) or visit the website (MISS TG DIAMOND).

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