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by:  MisS VictoriA DaviD

I have never been to Ireland though it is just a plane ride away from England. But it doesn’t mean, I cannot explore nor know more about this third- largest island in Europe without the need to go there. The Internet is just a fingertip away which enables me to read more relevant articles and is also, the most powerful tool to hear exciting news published by locals and tourists.

Ireland is known in the world for widely practising Roman Catholicism as a religion. That is why, on the 17th of March every year a national holiday called Saint Patrick's Day is always commemorated. Saint Patrick is a patron saint particularly associated with their early history and Roman Catholicism which was brought there during or prior to the 5th century. Apart from its religious celebrations, Ireland is also famous for its Ross Castle, the ancestral home of the O' Dooghue clan; The Grand Canal Theatre in Dublin as well as the Cork Opera House originally built in 1855.

That is just a speck of Ireland's history and what it can offer when you visit!

A week ago the “ Miss Queen of All Seasons 2012 ” show was held at the Sugar Club in Dublin. Its quite a flashy display, organized by Miss Saharajen Dale and her hard working friends who hope to make it an annual gathering. This prestigious event was enlivened by 7 stunning ladies who came from different parts of the United Kingdom to compete for the coveted crown.

Months before the beauty pageant took placed, many applications were sent in by interested women who live in and outside the United Kingdom. They were the beguiling babes willing to parade their fascinating talents on stage; flaunt their confidence while standing beside one another as well as showing-off their wit and intelligence in the Question and Answer portion. Incidentally, weeks before the pageant was held there were a few who changed their minds because of unexpected reasons. But that didn’t stop the Queen of All Seasons from unfolding this year after a 2 year breather.

The Queen of All Seasons was first organized in 2009 and brought to the stage by the gorgeous Miss Saharajen Dale herself. Aside from the said beauty pageant which usually happens either in October or in September, the hostess was also once an organizer behind “ Alternative Miss Philippines ” and “ Miss Pink Philippines ” in Dublin, Ireland. These now two defunct extravaganzas were created with the unending helped of her trustworthy and reliable friends who stood by her as well as believing in her competence and vision.

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On the night of September 30th this year, the long wait was over and the curtain was raised to welcome the people. Sitting comfortably and dressed in their best outfits, they eagerly anticipated seeing their favourite and darling candidates strut on stage. Gradually, the central overhead lights of the Sugar Club faded and the dim wall lights came on. The glowing lights on the stage focused attention and a moment of silence flourished. And in less than a minute, an opening number made the audience burst-out in cheers; some were screaming vigorously too. They were just ecstatic to see the brilliant and prominent Miss Dee Chanelle who sang her own rendition of 'S&M' by Rihanna as well as Madonna's 'Girl Gone Wild' on stage together with the erotically attractive Dublin's Wild girls.

The opening number was a befitting booster to stimulate the attentive audience. But for most admirers present that night, it was a great satisfaction and liberation to watch the women performed on stage. In particular, Miss Dee Chanelle wasn't just an endearing singer as she also portrayed a sexy woman in her Cut Out Sleeveless Catsuit. Alongside was Miss Sahara, the hostess herself, who appeared on stage conspicuously with a blistering red leather jacket and a salacious black PVC top fishnet hold-ups. Together with Miss Sophia who was like ball of fire when she came out on the stage with her sequins halter neck club wear top. And also, Miss Abigail Runway who aroused the audience with her pair of black vinyl fetish thigh- high boots.

The opening number intoxicated the crowd and afterwards, it was time for the introduction of the stunning candidates who were vying for the coveted title, “ Miss Queen Of All Seasons 2012 ”. 

Then came the staging of the Miss Talent title, a chance to show the unique talents performed by each contestant. This entertained the indefatigable crowd as well as delighting their hopeful supporters. Each talent demonstrated wasn’t just about showing off their individual performance or the things they can do best. It was more about inspiring the people without the need of exerting too much effort. For that reason, it was difficult to foresee who will be the winner of Miss Talent. But on the other hand, the talent portion was evaluated according to grace, confidence and sophistication of the candidate while showcasing on stage. And in the end, Miss United Kingdom (Kim Morgan) who intensified most of the audience and indulged the juror was declared Miss Talent.

The elating talent portion ended and the vivid chromatic display of National Costumes commenced...

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One by one they appeared on stage wearing their own interpretation of what National costume was. All of them were wearing artistic headdresses which were sewed and created by their own hands. It was indeed the aesthetic part of the pageant as all of the candidates devoted time and effort in order to create their own masterpieces ( or should that be Madamepieces? ). The one who captivated my eyes mostly was Miss Costa Rica ( Venus Brum Mua ) who wore an elegant white ball dress embellished with white feathers as well as flowers. Aside from her, Miss Ireland ( Mel Abarquez ) also ensnared my attention when she came out on stage as it was, more or less, like the green version of Miss Costa Rica's creation. All in all, it was a very involving part of the night and the sole winner for Best in National Costume was the gorgeous Miss Costa Rica.

They went back to their cosy dressing room and the audience was thrilled by intermission numbers. Primarily by Miss Emerald Rice ( Miss Alternative Philippines 2006 ) who gave an impersonation of the famous blues singer Nina Simone. Along with her was the pliant Miss Tina Bonde Farrell from Birmingham whose flexible body was surely envied and applauded by the crowd because of her Belly Dancing number.

The contestants were ready to set-off on stage and fire- up with their jaw dropping Swimsuits...

Majority of the contestants were very proud to wear bikini or two piece swimwear which exposed their flat tummies as well as balanced their pear- shaped figure. Also, they wore high heeled shoes which drew attention on how much an aphrodisiac they were and the costumes also made their legs appear longer and leaner. In this category, Miss Costa Rica ( Venus Brum Mua ) outshone the rest and brought home the Best in Swimsuit title.

It was already dusky but the crowd was still at the height of their excitement and joy. They were very buoyant while waiting for the penultimate part of the pageant. That is why, to maintain their energy levels Miss Hilary Mae Bubbles ( Miss Summer Princess 2009 ) intensified the audience with her voice. And after her electrifying number, the contestants were back with their astoundingly delicate long gowns. 

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Each contestant walked on stage with gracefulness to make sure that the audience and the jury would translucently gaze at the designs of their exquisite gowns. Their paces on stage was very smooth and you could almost tell how proud they were especially when they paused and turned their back to emphasize the glitters and sequins decorated in their ostentatious long gowns.

They were all fabulous but there was only one that was phenomenal amongst them who received the Best in Long Gown title. That was Miss Philippines (Jexty Scotwo) who wore a figure- hugging crocheted black gown with a lustrous pattern sequin halter neck.

Aside from their appearances on stage with sumptuously long gowns, the Question and Answer portion was also brought-in to judge who has the brain and not just the beauty only. After the hostess asked each contestant a particular question, the respective members of the jury unbiasedly scored their answers.

The tally staff impartially calculated the over all scores of each contestants and ranked accordingly. In just a few minutes of careful computation, Miss Queen of All Seasons 2012 as well as the runner-ups were proclaimed:

Miss Ireland, Mel Abarquez

Miss Philippines, Jexty Scotwo

Miss United Kingdom, Kim Morgan

Miss Iceland, Nicole Medusa Rand Luther

Miss Costa Rica, Venus Brum Mua

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Prior to the declarations of the deserving winners, there were also minor awards evaluated unanimously by the jury as well as their fellow candidates. In which, Miss United Kingdom ( Kim Morgan ) bagged both titles; LOOK OF THE YEAR and MISS AMITY/ FRIENDSHIP.

The people behind the Queen Of All Seasons is strongly aiming to hold the beauty pageant every year. The title, Miss Queen Of All Seasons, isn't just about the crown or the prestige it can give to a contestant. It is a nourishment and by revealing more about their inner self will strengthen them as a person. Essentially, the stability within your personality; an affectionate relationship with yourself and above all, the most beautiful and confident you.

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