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by: MisS VictoriA DaviD

Months of preparation... weeks of rehearsals... and last Saturday night, the MS. TS PHILIPPINES-U.K. 2013 extravaganza with its 16 lovely candidates arrived!

The sun was still up when we drove to West London by car, the boot was full with 2 suitcases of outfits and accessories. Sunbeams glazed our faces as we enjoyed the smooth road journey!

When we arrived at the venue, Kensal Community Hall, there was the gushing presence of people milling back and forth. We walked through the main door and I noticed a bar at the side which was filled with men enjoying a glass of alcoholic beverages while waiting for the beauty pageant to commence.

We continued walking until we were arrived at two columns of arranged chairs; a Filipino café and a sizeable stage for the candidates.

Prior to arriving at the venue, I had at the back of my mind a cosy and spacious dressing room. Unfortunately, it was the unexpected however there was no changing room so, we managed to find a portion of space which served as our changing area. As they say, 'if you really want to participate and are willing to fight, you will always find ways out of unexpected circumstances'.

We found the corner where Angela Miñoza started retouching herself, from head to foot. A few minutes after perfecting her appearance, I assisted her with her outfit. A white stretchy floral lace camisole with soft mesh-lining under cup; a sequin fringe sexy shorts with colourful butterfly patches and a pair of sexy wrist fingerless lace mitten as her production number outfit.

She was very ready like the rest of the candidates who were dying to show-off on stage. Although I was just assisting Angela, I also felt the nerves of the candidates; most of them were practising (many times) their individual self-presentations. While waiting for the hostesses to call all of them for their production number I decided, with their permission, to take a few individual snaps.

The waiting of the highly excitable candidates was put to an end when the hostesses, Alexis Mendoza and Angelica Caye Casinto, named the members of the jury and also acknowledged the sponsors. It was the forewarning that the production number would start soon and a few minutes later, the laid back audience were bedazzled by the candidates' dance performance and individual speeches on stage.

Minutes after baring their curvaceous bodies and long legs on stage, their own interpretations of respective Regional Costume in the Philippines followed..

I admired all of their regional costumes as they were created with effort and love which I called, masterpieces. Additionally, they weren't just bright and colourful they were also really made to fit their physiques which delighted most the spectators taste buds. Amongst them were, contestant no. 14, Angela Miñoza, whose Regional Costume was embellished with varieties of colourful artificial flowers and complemented with an intricately made crocheted umbrella; contestant no. 01, Mharyl Era, whose two-colouored creation reminded me of a modified fictional super heroine and contestant no. 04, Sophia Sasil, who confidently exposed her bosoms but also dressed-up more by holding a colourful feathery sceptre and a headdress. More importantly, contestant no. 10, Asunta Mae, who revealed her curvesome body while walking with handwoven mat-like hanging panels both on her forearms which secured her winning the Best in Regional Costume award.
(Right Photo Courtesy of  Jodie Arabella Daimba)

(Photo Courtesy of  Jodie Arabella Daimba.)
The array of Regional Costumes concluded and an intermission was given to allow the beautiful candidates backstage to prepare for their Casual Wear appearances.

(Photo Courtesy of  Jodie Arabella Daimba)
When the candidates were called to reappear on stage, it was decided to divide them into 2 groups. This was done to accommodate all the ladies on stage as well as to avoid a disorderly bunch, as they would be wearing their captivating body hugging above-the-knee dresses. Actually, while we were waiting I managed to take pictures of 2 lovable candidates which you could say were stolen. In this category the Best in Casual Wear was awarded to contestant no. 06, Venus Brum, who wore elegantly a royal blue chiffon dress in a sweetheart bandeau boob tube style with glittery jewelled waistband.

It wasn't the most exciting part of the night but all candidates really gave their best projections. That is why, the swimwear competition delighted the eyes of spectators and their energetic fans once again!

Most of the 16 candidates in this category displayed their erotically attractive and flawless bodies by wearing colourful two piece swimsuits. All of them had to do a graceful 360 degrees turn which gave the jury better views and also, helped them to evaluate who had the most seductive figure. For that reason, the Best in Swimwear was awarded to contestant no. 12, Mika Mae Dela Vega, who revealed her long and lean body by wearing a sizzling black lively one piece swimsuit with a flattering crossover halter neck.

We saw them perform on stage... paraded their costumes... strut with casual dresses and reveal their curvaceous bodies but not yet with their glinting and sophisticated evening gowns!

(Photo Courtesy of  Jodie Arabella Daimba)
The moment we'd been waiting for finally arrived when the pressured yet still fresh looking candidates grandstanded the audience with their best and luxurious long flowing dresses. We, the audience, were not just only enticed by their exquisitely design gowns, we also applauded their graceful catwalks in heels given how nervous they were. They were all regal on stage but there was only one lady who really captivated the eyes of the jury and brought home the Best in Evening Wear award. Her name was Mika Mae Dela Vega who wore a brilliant Gold Empire Halter and V-Neck Open Back Floor Length Evening Dress covered with glistening diamond-like accent beading.

After watching all of them promenaded gracefully with their gowns, the battle of the brain commenced and it tested their confidence while waiting their turn...

It was the nerve wracking part of the pageant for the candidates and I, felt it too. Inevitably, being on stage and watched intently by the audience will really make you worried and anxious. That night, all of the 16 candidates gave their best answers, but only a few answered with clarity and conviction. In this category, each contestant is judge mainly by the content of her answer and the way she delivers it. This is when the respective members of the jury impartially make their remarks and decide who are the deserving runner-ups and the sole queen.
(Photo Courtesy of  GL Productions Ltd.)
4th Runner-up was Ms. Katrina Paola Montecarlo
3rd Runner-up was Ms. Alexandra Gemeniano
2nd Runner-up was Ms. Mika Mae Dela Vega
1st Runner-up was Ms. Venus Brum
Ms. TS Philippines-U.K. 2013 was Ms. Asunta Mae

Moreover, there were also 5 minor awards given that night. These were for gaining more 'likes' on Facebook and for being loved by their fellow candidates; for being unanimously evaluated their individual portrait pictures by the members of the jury and for being a very active candidate of the event.
(Photo Courtesy of  GL Productions Ltd.)
Ms. TS Philippines-U.K. Charity was Ms. Katrina Paola Montecarlo
Ms. Congeniality was Ms. Katrina Paola Montecarlo
Ms. Photogenic was Ms. Jhext Scotwo
People's Choice Award was Ms. Venus Brum
Princess TS of the Night was Ms. Katrina Paola Montecarlo

I genuinely have to say that I was pretty flabbergasted about the results, but was also happy meeting 3 beautiful women with striking personalities. It was indeed a nice and fun experience being a personal assistant of Angela Miñoza during the course of the event.

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