Thursday, 24 December 2015


by: MisS VictoriA DaviD

I thought going to pubs or expensive places will make me happier. But, I am so wrong to assume that true happiness can be counted if you are enjoying glasses of champagne and/or caviar.

Earlier, I filled my lunch boxes with healthy food; stirred my home made coffee bubbles that was sealed in a black mug and poured the mixed liquid juice and sparkling water in recycled plastic bottles. I am pro-environment and by simply re-using bottles shows that I am supporting their green ways on how to save our Mother Earth.

It's a day-out, shall I say a picnic, that didn't cost even a penny. WOW, for saving a penny and also for using what I have inside the compact fridge. I was just thinking a few minutes back, if ever I decided going to cafés or restaurants how much will be the cost for a voracious eater, like me?

I enjoyed not only the serenity but more importantly my connection to the environment itself. Taking candid photos from a graceful hand of mine made me a bit pre-occupied while enjoying the sunshine.

What else can I say! OPPPS, I thought I have nothing to say, but hell NO-O-O-O-O!

The 5 hour (approximately) day- out COSTED ME NOTHING AT ALL and there was a luxurious bonus too.

Richmond Park is the largest open space in London covering almost 1000 hectares and was once the hunting ground of King Henry VIII. The free entry to the park made was an incentive for the city dwellers. Once you're there, either looking for a car park or ready to explore, your weary mind will be automatically connected to the environment which gives you the chance to enjoy the luxurious view and the given serene ambiance.

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