Thursday, 31 December 2015


by: MisS VictoriA DaviD

I don't know what to say, surely, I am not happy with the current universal exchange rate!

In the past, the exchange rate good for UK Sterling Pounds to Philippine Peso was very assistive to one's expenses. It was like saving you from debts, if you have one, and/or adding more money into your savings account. Nowadays, the rate is quite bad (pretty low) for us who are always sending money to our old folks in the Philippines. To give you a rough estimate of the diminution, it went down to almost 50 percent and up to now it shows no signs of recovery. What a nasty and unfavourable circumstances for us?

Instead of blaming the United Kingdom's government officials and also, giving myself a hard time and wrinkles. Nowadays, every time I am sending money to my beloveds I am always making sure of their primary needs first before giving them extra dosh for their vices. However and in the past (just to compare), I was just sending £ without thinking twice, it's because the exchange rate before could cover more than their essential needs in life. So, having hesitations in sending money nowadays is inevitable especially that things here, in general, are getting more expensive too.

I am still not loosing hope that one day or within this year, the very 'stabilising' exchange rate of yesterday will revert!

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