Monday, 21 December 2015


by: MisS VictoriA DaviD

We deeply know in our heart what love is and because of our beloved parents we felt the unconditional meaning of it when we were born. Our parents guided us all throughout our childhood and also, nurtured our mind to respect and understand the people surround us. Perhaps, all of us have experienced and felt at some point in our lives the unquestionable warmth of love.

I may not have the well-educated parents to share with you but I am proud to say that they are one of the best couples in the world.

(My Tatay & Nanay)
When volcanic mudflows converted into ashes, the properties of my father's parents were wiped-out and they were forced to move to the Southern part of the Philippines. They had no relatives when they arrived in the diverse city called General Santos City which would help find a place for them to stay for awhile. That was according to my deceased father but honestly, they didn’t need a hand that time. His parents had saved enough money to buy a new place and also for other things they need. A week after, his parents purchased a land within the periphery of the city where it was divided for the houses of their older children and later was called, David's Compound. They started life afresh and all concerned moved on after experiencing the bitterness of lahar (volcanic mudflows).

When my father was nearly 18 years old, he saw a beautiful face in the woods. My mother's innocence captured his attention and captivated his heart too. From that day, he stopped looking at women around the town and started pursuing my mother. My mother's parents were quite conservative and for my father to prove his true intention to them, he genuinely courted my mother in traditional ways. Every night or after work, my father visited my mother in their house to express the sincerity of his heart. Aside from his woo visit, on his time off from work he helped my dear mother to carry buckets of drinking water taken from a river. My father wanted to have a strong relationship with my late grandfather so he assisted and piled-up the chopped pieces of wood, which was used for cooking in those days. And also, he embraced the religion and learnt the culture of my mother.

He had proven his true intention and it yielded a favourable outcome. My grandfather baptised their relationship and accepted him as part of the family.

My father passed away in 2010 and those years of living with them as a married couple, has encouraged and inspired me. My father was a loving husband for he hadn't laid hands on my mother nor harmed her well-being. They were married for more than 50 years and are blessed with 10 'colourful' children.

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