Tuesday, 8 December 2015


by: MisS VictoriA DaviD

I arrived in the afternoon at Victoria Station and was hugged by my dear friends who were patiently waiting. We soon set of with excitement and visited a few touristy places then, our day began!

The sun was no longer shining but the temperature that night was still quite warm. So we were delighted to stroll around the streets. That is why, we stayed outside and savoured the Caribbean- like climate that most of us here have been yearning for in this cold country. We kept walking and walking, and honestly we really had no fixed plans where to spend the rest of the night. In the end, we all enjoyed our roaming and even felt a bit euphoric at the very freedom we had. It was already nightfall when we finished wandering around Central London but our energy levels were still up and high, and certainly we were still very vigorous. As if we were injected with a dosage of Epinephrine. Just a joke!

Even though we used too much energy, from late afternoon 'till nightfall, we were very surprised at not feeling exhausted and burnt- out after all the travels we made. That is why, I suggested travelling to Tower Hill Station and hunt for the famous WayOut Club. Honestly speaking, though I suggested the club itself, I didn’t really know where it was located and only remembered a few landmarks on the way to its exact location. Which was very helpful, indeed!

We arrived at the Tower Hill Station and I thought locating The WayOut Club would be very difficult and I had made a terrible mistake suggesting it. But it certainly wasn’t! Though the exact location of the club on the google map was a bit wiggly woggly in reality, tracking it down was uncomplicated and very easy.

When we were at the Tower Hill Station, I asked myself which way to go? Instead of trying to remember the way, I just obeyed my instinct. And that was to follow the well-groomed gents and attractive ladies who all turned right when we came out of the station. My intuition was right! Its because on the second right turn, its Crosswall alley and The WayOut Club façade was flashing with bright lights. Actually, it was like calling and charming our attention from afar when we saw the club.

We located the club but I was still feeling reluctant to enter or even to approach the building. Months before, I had spoken to a regular customer and was told that The WayOut Club was visited mostly by spiteful and unpleasant people. And honestly, her perception about the club was absolutely wrong and a very arrogant opinion.

We walked toward the entrance where we were greeted by a muscular security guy as well as a friendly and warm woman receptionist. After paying the entrance fee, a wooden staircase guided us down to the main venue. But before that, a coupon for my own complimentary choice of drink was handed over by the receptionist. She said it was exclusively for women.

We all went downstairs and were greeted by cheerful lights from the doorway leading to the main venue. The colourful lights were creating reflections and even seducing our eyes. We entered the room and the dance floor was located at the centre where it was enlivened by exquisitely beautiful and sexy women. They looked so hot in their fancy outfits and high heeled stilettos too.

Soon I was starting to enjoy the ambiance as well as the people of The WayOut Club. I suddenly felt regretful for not making our visit to this alluring night club a planned one. And also for not wearing more appropriate attire or a body hugging party dress too. All in all, I really had a good time, especially before the the club became packed with people. Just sitting on their pod bar stool while watching people come and go-out of the main dance floor was a satisfying scene for me.

We ordered our drinks and freshened-up in the toilet for a moment and after that, we sat to one of the corners...

While waiting for more people to arrive, I saw familiar faces and even met and chatted in the flesh an adorable facebook friend. Her named was Abby Tolentino who had come straight to The WayOut Club after her shift as a nurse in the busy metropolis. It was very warming to have talked to her and it's true what Miss Laura Loon said to me about her. She certainly had a great and endearing personality which I felt when we were chatting, like ordinary friends. Her endearing attitude showed even more when she introduced me to a few of her lovely friends.

The place was soon heaving with people and getting more intense and boisterous. As a matter of fact, most customers were just happily standing while enjoying a glass of drink in their hand. Actually, some were scrutinising whose who in the crowd. What I mean is, its a night club and most people who were there would love to meet a voluptuous woman or a handsome bloke to know or more. I even saw a few virile and yummy guys who enticed my finicky attention. But honestly, I didn’t give an inkling that I found them very desirable. Its because I was with friends when we went there, so behaving goodly and divine were in me that night.

The sensational and extreme part of our visit to The WayOut Club wasn’t starting yet. But we decided already to leave the place as we were getting exhausted. And also, we'd been touring around Central London since afternoon. So its inevitable for our energy levels to be quickly diminished!

Before we left the place, I had an opportunity to have a quick chat with Miss Vicky Lee. She's the woman who manages the entire club and at that time, was wandering around to make sure that everybody was very happy and contented with the entire show. Aside from amiable Miss Vicky Lee, I also noticed that most of the staff were light-spirited, attentive and polite to the customers present that night.

It was my first visit to the famous WayOut Club and one of many good things about it was that. The management don’t restrict what kind of clothes you will be wearing, as long as you are presentable and decent. This makes The WayOut Club comfortable and is almost a home from home for Transgender people and their admirers.

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