Tuesday, 15 December 2015


I went into a pub and orderd a large cup of luscious creamy cappuccino, and absorbed the civilised ambiance as well as the magnificent Victorian decorations. In particular, I was impressed by pictures of shire horses- pulling carts full of beer barrels. Apart from that, I watched the locals through the big glass windows coming and going along the high street.

It wasn’t in my plan to visit this working class pub, but I still had extra time before heading back home. I decided to rest my weary feet for a few minutes as I'd been walking up and down the busy high street on a mild sunny day. As far as I was concerned, I only stayed for 20 minutes and after that, I walked uphill towards the bus stop.

Whenever I go out, I love to visit a particular shop just in front of the main entrance of the bus stop. I visited it again and was drawn to a filter coffee maker with its original box. It was in very good condition and at a reasonable price too. I was so lucky but I wasn't that convince about buying it. Then I realised, I badly needed a coffee filter that can be used also to prepare loose tea. So I bought the cafetiere and handed over to the lady the exact amount. She turned out to be Lady de Burgh and told me about the huge fireplace she had just installed at Rosings. But I diverge... LOL!

I was there in the shop to find something for myself and I was a bit disappointed because it wasn’t that fruitful for me. But that day, I didn’t go empty handed as an elegant looking cafetiere manufactured especially for Whittard by Bodum was with me.

The cafetiere is designed with two metal holders which are glued to its cylindrical glass jug as well as connected to the black finish plastic holder. In the box also, was included a rounded dessert spoon and a cork cardboard mat which was shaped and curved perfectly to fit the base of the jug. Moreover, it can provide up to 4 cups of hot beverages which makes it ideal not only for a couple but for a big family too.

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