Monday, 8 February 2016


by: MisS VictoriA DaviD

It is not just the four seasons that a country like England can offer you as they have adorable animals too, wherever you go. They will follow you around so you better keep your eyes on them!

When I first came here in England, I visited a few places nearby my address such as graveyard, church and parks. I enjoyed the warm weather while exploring these places and I saw a few wild animals who behaved like domesticated pets.

I was very happy and stunned to see the squirrels up-closed as this type of rodents in my beloved Philippines are keep in cages in the zoo; not to mention you need to pay for the entrance fee before you can see them closely.

If you are happy to see these rodents they can sense it and they will even follow you around unless you dispel them. They are not just animals that will make us happy and astonish with their natural behaviour as they have contribution to our ecosystem too. One of the greatest contributions is their collecting and eating of nuts; most of the fallen seeds germinates, thus grows naturally in the wilderness.

This rodent lives down beneath the ground like rabbits or cling on the branches of trees like birds; either cool or dry. And they have the ability to climb, crawl or even fly just to pick and eat seeds that sustain their energy.

Squirrels are the nicest and cutest animals that you can play with using your hands as you can easily fool them!

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