Saturday, 20 February 2016


by: MisS VictoriA DaviD

Sending greetings cards via the post is a traditional and very useful way of communicating with loved ones to convey our feelings. We love to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries etc. as these are such important events in our life’s journey. We used to buy cards in bookstores or in the school-supply section of the shopping mall for that special card.

Nowadays, with the invention of the computer and the ubiquitous availability of the internet we can make our own greeting cards with our own special touch. We are all artists now! Thanks to Bill Gates.

It is easy to personalise a greeting card at home using the internet, a printer and photo paper/special paper: (The following procedure below is mainly for Writer.Ink, however it can be applied using the same sequence for Microsoft Office 2007).
  1. Go to the web search engine of your Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox and type-in “occasion + picture”. Once you have chosen a picture, just press the right side of your mouse and click the “save image as” that will take you to a destination link i.e. desktop, document, picture etc. and if possible, rename the picture before saving it.
  2. Open the Writer on your desktop and search for “Format” and click “Page”. The page consists of three columns namely: Paper format, Margins and Layout setting. Go to “Margins”, change all the margin values to “1” (from top-bottom and from left-right) and choose either portrait or landscape orientation for your card(s). And then, go to “Paper format” to change the preferred paper size and don’t forget to write down the measurement of your paper’s width and height. Click “OK” button to save all of the changes.
  3. Look for the tab “Insert” located on the top-left portion of your OpenOffice.orgWriter and go to “Picture” and click “From File” to search for the saved picture (refer to step 1). Click “Open” to transfer the picture in your OpenOffice.
  4. Using your mouse, point the cursor at the picture and then, do a double press and click, “Wrap”. Go to "Settings" and select “Through” so that you can move the picture from left to right if you select landscape or from top to bottom if you set-up your paper as portrait. There is an instance that the size of the picture is larger than the size of the paper and in this case, adjusts the picture until it fits to the paper. Click “OK” button to save all of the changes.
  5. As we are making a folded card we need to find the center of the paper so you know where to place the fold and the picture as well.
  6. The “Page” from the Format is a great help in calculating the center of the paper as it contains the “Margins” and the “Paper’s width and height” measurements.
  7. If you have calculated the center of the paper, adjust the picture in your Word document until it gets to the boundary of the center. Once it is accurately moved, adjust again the top (crosswise folding) or the left-side (lengthwise folding) for an extra space.
  8. To add words and make it a much more personalised card, click "Show Draw Functions" located at the top-left and resembled like a pencil. Once clicked, a bar with choices will appear at the bottom-left of the OpenOffice and choose "Fontwork Gallery". If you have selected your own style just click “OK” button to see the options for "Fontwork".
  9. Point the cursor of your mouse to the personalised greetings, then press the right side of your mouse and click “Wrap” that will show 7 choices and just select “Wrap Through”.
  10. You can use your mouse or the cursors in your keyboard to move the personalised greetings from one side to another. If the greetings is long enough in your card, adjust it by simply moving the cursor of your mouse to the green-shaded squares. The yellow-shaded dot’s main function is to stretch the text.
  11. Turn-on your printer and place your photo paper. Just make sure that the glossy side of the photo paper is towards you.
  12. Go to “File” tab again, search and click for “Print”. Once you have the “Print” interface, click “Properties” and select “Photo” as your quality image (under Advanced) and change the paper’s “Type and Size” (under Main) according to your paper. Click “OK” button to save all of the changes.
  13. From your “Print” interface, go to “Pages” and type the page number of your greeting card. Click “OK” button to start the printing process of it.
  14. If the finish product is printed already don’t touch the image and text to avoid damages or let it dry for 2-3minutes in a safe place.
  15. Once it is totally dry, just use a scissors to cut and then, fold your paper into crosswise or like a greeting cards’ folding.
The combined power of computers and internet is not just for one good purpose- communication. It is also a tool to discover and hone the creative side of us.

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