Wednesday, 3 February 2016


 by: MisS VictoriA DaviD

New is better and more efficient!

Four years ago, my four-burner hob was replaced with a new one. It was needed as most of the rotary knobs were loose, thus controlling the power of each zone was getting unmanageable. To be more specific, the 'aged' one made me irritable as turning on & off was very troublesome.

I had a chit chat with the electrician...

Late in the afternoon or before they came around to the house, I received a call. The man on the other line was the electrician who was also a qualified appliances installer. He just verified the problem and confirmed the time they (him and his assistant) will surprise me.

They arrived with a sealed square box and as if they were hiding the new hob from me (why?) to moderate my reaction. LOL! The assistant mangled the box and I was presented with a ceramic glass hob. Primarily, it has four burners with various cooking zones and sensitive sensor fields.

I left the kitchen for awhile to make them homely. Before they left, I had a conversation with Mr. Electrician regarding people who are now millionaires and successful businessmen. I thought he was just a typical worker who will just knock at the door, ask about the problem(s) and fix the job, specifically. Surprisingly, he wasn’t! He knew the facts and stories behind the success of these people who are usually seen/read in money magazines. Two of the reasons why they are not that famous like actors because their stories were placed inconspicuously and written in small fonts as well. HOW PRETTY SAD!!!

I didn't burst into tears after seeing the well fitted zanussi ceramic glass hob in the kitchen. I kept my feeling concealed while they were still in the house. The design impresses me, very nifty, and the efficiency is making my cooking skills for years to date more manageable and enjoyable!!!

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